June 25, 2014

2 Days Later... My Trip to Miss Florida

Well, this post is coming two days after I had intended to have it written and much shorter of a recap!

My only excuse, and a good one, is a major delay with traveling from Florida back to Ohio! I was to arrive in Columbus at 3:00 pm on Monday and did not arrive until 1:00 am! Big difference. Oh, and of course my luggage did not make it so I had to travel to back to Columbus yesterday, Tuesday! I am basically 1.5 days behind with everything I had planned this week, including blog posts!

On an aside, I need to purchase a new I-pad because that would have solved the issue of not having time to draft some of my posts for this week. Coach Kemp, good hint for my upcoming birthday, thanks!

But my time in Tampa was well spent. I had so much fun meeting up with my high school and college girl friends, spending time with my parents, and of course the pageant events!

My mother, myself , and one of her friend's, Janet, became certified Miss Florida (MAO) judges early on Saturday morning! It was very informative, and I look forward to judging a few pageants this upcoming pageant season. I think it was a lot for Janet, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Having competed for a number of years, I sometimes take for granted all the information that I know. It was nice to review the MAO with her, and answer all her questions. She too attended the Miss Florida's Outstanding Teen and Miss Florida pageants with us later that day!

Janet already has perfected her pageant stance! I am one proud lady!

The pageants themselves were so nostalgic! Jeeze, this past weekend made me realize how much I miss pageants. I do not foresee myself competing in any of the Mrs. pageant systems, although I know many women who have. Instead, I am enthused to start volunteering my time with the Miss Florida Organization, and am contemplating contacting a local here in Ohio!

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss Florida, Elizabeth Fechtel. Also crowned this past weekend was Miss Wisconsin, Raeanna Johnson!!



  1. The Butler ladies look beautiful as always!

  2. Wow!! What a fun and informative day! Had to make notes when I got home so I wouldn't forget anything and for future reference, LOL!!! What a great way to see the pageants, with two people that were so involved with them, and still are. You and your mother have so much knowledge of every aspect of them, down to the details. Thank you again for all the information and advice and for a great day!!
    Am enjoying your Blog. Really like the picture at the top!!!!!!

    1. Janet so glad you were able to join us! Please let me know if you have any additional questions.