June 11, 2014

Miss USA 2014 Thoughts & Pageant Tips from a Former Beauty Queen

I know, I am a few days late to now be providing my thoughts on the Miss USA pageant, but if you are a die-hard fan, you can talk about this topic for a few months. Well, at least until Miss Universe, and then we may still desire to chatter about the Miss USA pageant too...

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that it was a family affair on Sunday. Coach Kemp enjoys predicting who will win, and he was actually pretty spot on. He was pulling for Miss North Dakota the entire time! I too thought she was the winner. I actually met her in person while judging the Miss North Dakota USA 2012 pageants. At that time she was giving away her title as Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2011.

Wow, that girl can walk and is absolutely gorgeous in person!!! Very striking overall!!! I am certain she will have a modeling career after this, if she so desires!

Overall, I enjoyed the pageant even though I think 3 hours was entirely too long. Especially the fact that the girls stood for nearly an hour as they called out the Top 20! I did enjoy the personal videos of the girls, but think that Miss USA should consider allowing the girls to sit down as they do at Miss America. If you were wondering how they were feeling, I can tell you that they were absolutely miserable standing for that long. My feet began to ache sympathizing for their agonizing feet! Their feet, already decrepit after wearing heels for nearly 3 weeks straight, and then having to pose on-stage with cameras and judges watching for an hour was surely pure hell!

After I returned from Miss USA, may years ago, I had no desires to wear heals and/or make-up for one month!

My one other comment was during on-stage question... They ushered the parents back-stage for what? I thought it somewhat peculiar that they had the Top 6 contestants' parents back-stage. They did not ask them any questions, and it was simply awkward. I did, however, like the segments which highlighted the parents which too was a nice gesture and brought another personal touch, overall.

 I often get asked to provide tips for competing in pageants, so I figured it would be fun to outline a few of them on my blog. I am going to write several posts on this topic in the coming days and weeks. I have only had experience competing in the Miss America and Miss USA organization, so my opinions are based on my experience. I too do not sell myself as a pageant coach, all opinions are my own, and from my years of competing.


Question of the Day: What were your thoughts of the Miss USA 2014 pageant?

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