July 17, 2014

Athens Famers Market

Yesterday, Emil Ryan, wife to OU Assistant Coach Will Ryan, and I had an Athens Farmers Market date!

I enjoy going to the farmer's market on Wednesday because it is not as busy as Saturday. I failed at picture taking, only getting a photo of my purchases (below), but it's just not as congested and I can think and price check before going in for my acquisitions.

I have also decided that Wednesday is the more "economical" day to shop at the market since it's not as busy. I have not really compared shopping on Wednesday verse Saturday, but it seems logical so I am sticking to it. You know, maybe Wednesday is the day in which the vendors are trying to sell the produce and products not sold from Saturday's market. I explained this to Emily, and she seemed to buy into my rationale.

Emily and I arrived at around 10:45am, and did a slow stroll to check out what the vendors were selling. Now, the farmer's market isn't that big, it's cute and intimate, but I still utilize my strategy of doing a once around before making ANY purchases as I used to do at the Madison Farmers Market.

If you are ever in the city of Madison, WI; I highly recommend that you check out Madison's "Saturdays Around the Square!" Now this is an excursion; wear your tennis shoes, come hungry, and enjoy the beautiful capital of Wisconsin!

Athens Farmers Market Produce for $11
3 Zucchini - $2
Pint of Blueberries - $4
Basil - $2
Green Beans - $3

I have been extremely pleased with all the produce and products purchased at the Athens Farmers Market. Coach Kemp can differentiate the fruits and veggies that were bought at the local grocer verse the market, which is comical to me.

I have been on a zucchini noodle kick, and also highly recommend one purchasing the Veggetti. I purchased mine for like $15 at Wal-mart about two weeks ago. Since then I have made so much zucchini noodles that I am afraid I may turn green! Coach Kemp also is a big fan so that is great. He is not a fan of spaghetti squash so I was a little hesitant when I first made zucchini noodles. He thinks the zucchini more tastes like spaghetti than a squash. Whatever, I am fine with that!

I too have been making lots of pesto, hence the basil. Specifically, this Clean Eats Pesto which uses walnuts instead of pine nuts is super delicious and uber easy to make! And then my recent recipe is Paleo friendly, Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Cream Sauce which mimics alfredo sauce! Get in my tummy now good!

Question of the Day: Do you frequent your city's farmers market? What do you buy?


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  1. Food looks great. We have not been able to find a good Farmer's Market nearby. The one close to us has three small vendors and the big ones are 45 minutes away and I am not always that dedicated.