July 1, 2014

Is it July Already!?!

Where did June go? Honestly, I am a little shocked at how quickly June passed by! Did it go by quickly for you?

With a new month ahead of us, I figured I should dust off those June goals, and see how I did. If you remember, I had five lofty goals for the month of June (post here). Check out how I did, and I have a new goal for July!

1) Follow my weekly marathon plan to run the 2014 Parkersburg News Half Marathon in the middle of August. 

July Goal 1: If you read my post from yesterday, you know I have chosen to run the Emerald City Half Marathon instead, and am revamping my training. Basically, I am planning not to kill myself with CrossFit and too many long, long runs. More later!

2) Complete our engagement session album from PhotoBin: I, at times, can procrastinate like the worst of them. Making an engagement session photo album would follow under this category as well as.... Done!

3) Chose photos for our Wedding Album.

July Goal 2:  I found a list of wedding "likes" in a notebook, thanks to this latest move. I still need to narrow it down to 100, but I am close to marking this off the list!!!

4) Follow the eating philosophy learned through Renegade's 7 Week Challenge!

July Goal 3: Start this before July 31st, since I really started being cognizant and planful of my eating yesterday, June 30th! 

5) Unpack from the move: I think this one will be pretty simple! I do want to go through every single box though! While in Toledo, there were a few boxes that just had random things inside of them. I am hoping to unpack and organize EVERYTHING! Done!

Here are a few other things I crossed off my list in June. Yes, I am bragging since I technically got a F, maybe D if being nice. I need to boost my self-esteem and showcase the things I did get done which were not included in the original post, thanks for appeasing me.

  1. Change address on ALL accounts
  2. Registered as a non-degree seeking graduate student at Ohio University
  3. Made some spreadsheets for tax/budgeting reasons
  4. Organized my NCSP (Nationally Certified School Psychologist) licensure credits
4th Goal of July (pun intended):  Kind of associated with Goal #1, but I need to take rest days, stretch, and listen to my body. I discussed this in a previous post (here).

Question: Did you make goals for June? How did you fare?


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