July 14, 2014

Athens 6 Week Update!

Happy Monday folks! I know, I was MIA for a little bit! You forgive me, right!? Good, I love you for it!

Team Kemp has officially resided in Athens for 6 weeks and I am proud to announce that I love it! I know, this city girl actually loves the college-town of Athens, OH! Can you believe it? I am a little shocked to be honest!

If you have been following my blog, all 4 of you, you know I was anxious about the move. For starters we had just moved from Fargo, ND to Toledo, OH and I was finally feeling "settled." Part of my angst for our move to Athens - was simply that we were moving AGAIN!!! You can read about that in this post.

Then there was the obvious, I am a city girl, and was moving to a city that's focus is the university. Now I did view this as a positive, and still do. It is so awesome to walk around town and see students and others adorning Ohio University gear! Like super awesome. NDSU and Toledo both have a great fans base, but being a coach's wife, it is really nice seeing Ohio gear everywhere you go, even in the local restaurants! I did attend undergrad at the University of Florida which too is a college-town, but being a student, I had no perspective of living in Gainesville as an adult. It was challenging at first to imagine myself being an adult in a college-town. I am here to report, it is going just fine!

Granted I have only lived here for six weeks, I can announce that there is more happening than simply the university! Athens is home to some of the most beautiful trails and parks, in my opinion. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to run the Sells Park with some members of CrossFit SEO! Wow, just beautiful, and you would never even guess that the trail is tucked behind East State Street! Check out the Athens Trail Network, I am giddy just looking at all the options!

And talking about CrossFit SEO!!! Love my gym!!! The instructors are beyond amazing!!! (Wow, lots of exclamation points for those few sentences, lol.) For starters they are all super knowledgeable about CrossFit, proper form; and then top it off with their great personalities. I will forever cherish Renegade (Toledo) and Maximum Performance and Fitness (Fargo), but I again struck gold with CrossFit SEO!!! Just realized, that I previously raved about them in this post too.

Along with fitness, I have a love for the Athens Farmer's Market. Coach Kemp recently got some bummer dental news, so we have removed all extra sugars from our diet. Prior to this realization, we too had discussed lowering our dairy-intake overall. The farmer's market is convenient and open three days a week in the summer (Wednesday, Thursday [in the evening], and Saturday). I have been buying a large portion of our veggies and fruits from the market, swoon!

My shopping fix, or obsession, has been met with our new subscription to Amazon Prime. Not so sure where Coach Kemp and I have been, but hello free shipping! Even if I were living in a big city, I would still use Amazon. I love that everything can be found on one website. I kind of detest having to visit multiple online stores and even store fronts to find what I am looking for. Oh, and I am excited to check out the TJ Maxx in Parkersburg, WV which is only like a 45 minute drive. And if I just need a quick fix, then I head over to Uptown Athens where there are a number of cute stores! I am looking forward to stopping by Nelsonville too for some shopping as well.

Are you wondering about restaurants? Well, Athens has that covered too! We try to dine at the restaurants that buy local foods, those 30 Mile Meal  restaurants, and they have all been delicious. A few of my favorites include: Zoe Fine Dining, Casa Nueva, Sol Restaurant & Run Bar, and Crumbs! I too had a slight obsession with Insomnia Cookies, but we have placed a ban since we are not eating sugar; thank heavens as my waist band is very appreciative.

But the real reason the last six weeks have gone so wonderful for Team Kemp is because of the amazing people, and ladies in particular, that I have met thus far! Wow! I am beyond amazed at how genuinely friendly everyone is. This of course includes the amazing wives of Ohio Basketball but also extends to other women I have been fortunate to meet, to date. Everyone is so welcoming, inviting me to ladies dates, and functions. My social calendar is popping!!! Whoop whoop! And Prince has been invited to a few of these outings as well.

I know I have only tipped the ice in Athens. I am looking forward to partaking in some of the fun festivals and other outdoor spots like the beach!  Of course I am super pumped for Ohio athletic events, Go Bobcats!


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