July 21, 2014

Boardwalk Empire Overload

This weekend I watched all Season 1 episodes of Boardwalk Empire!

Sure, I am a little late to be jumping on the Boardwalk Empire bandwagon! Actually, I did watch many episodes (Season 1-4) over the last few years with Coach Kemp but not on a consistent basis. So why the sudden surge to watch Seasons 1-4?

Well, the last and final season of the HBO hit series is coming upon us, and I figured I should catch up and really understand the story plot so I can enjoy it with Coach Kemp!

Do you ever watch a whole season of a show in  a weekend? Or, am I the only oddball?

Last year Coach Kemp got me the first four seasons of Downton Abbey which were supposed to get me through the basketball season! Well, I watched them all in one month!!! I can't wait for season five of that series.

I actually prefer to watch a series after its heyday, so that I can do just that - watch them all quickly! I am not patient enough to wait until next week for the next episode, I just want to get it to it!

Another series that is on my to-watch list is Orange is the New Black! What other series are you addicted to?


Question of the Day: Am I the only crazy person that prefers to watch series after their heyday so you don't have to wait until next week to watch the next episode?


  1. Netflix Streaming is great for series after their heyday. Two recent good ones that are good for both male and female:

    Rescue Me - About a group of NYC Firefighter post 911. Comedy/Drama. Reminds me of M*A*S*H. Deals with different personalities that have to work together for the good. You will always look forward to the next episode.

    The Killing - Very moody, realistic series set in Seattle. Lead character is Sarah Linden, a homicide detective played excellently by Mireille Enos. What I call a "thinking" series. It builds with several turns and twists. One of my favorites. You can feel how much she wants to solve the case and also has to deal with taking care of her son who she loves so much.

    So great that Netflix came out with full Seasons of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Like watching them at our own pace without having to wait.

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