July 16, 2014

Superhuman Power

This is a way random post, kind about nothing, but about something too!

After I had my semi-fail DYI job (read about that here), I got to pondering what other skills I wished I endowed. This got me thinking (don't ask how) about what superhuman powers I may desire to gain as well.

Now, if you are familiar with pageant world (as a contestant, parent, and/or spectator), you may have heard this question asked in Interview or On-Stage question. I must admit, I have not heard the question used in a while, obviously I am showing my age here. But nonetheless, I have used the question with pre-teen and teen age divisions, so I figured I should think of a good response myself.

Like any good pageant girl, I used my tips for perfecting my interview skills (here, here, and here). 

My first step was to pick out a few common superhuman powers and decide if any of them were something I wished to posses. Confession - I am not too knowledgeable of science fiction and action films, so I first did a quick Google search for "superhuman powers." Wow! People really get into this stuff, uh! I figured Wikipedia was the easiest source to use, so that is what I used (page here). Here is my thought process.

The first type of superpower listed is Superpower Interaction, which refer to one's ability to manipulate or otherwise interact with superpowers themselves. If you are lost by that definition, please do not worry, I too was like "what in the world!" Ok, so then there were five subcategories (superhuman powers is a serious business). Well, just to be short, none of these superpowers tickled my fancy. I mean some of them were downright mean. For example, power negation, is the ability to cancel the powers of others. Ok, I could only see this as a positive if someone's superpower's was acid generation or something. Next!

Another type is ESP, the ability of extra-sensory perception and communication. And, a few did peak my interest but nothing was 100%. Eight ESP types were listed (astra projection, cross-dimensional awareness, empathy, mediumship, precognition, psychometry, telepathy, and technopathy). If you guessed that the underlined ones were ones that peaked my interest you get an A. But, let me explain why I did not settle on either.  On Wiki's definition of empathy as a superhuman power it states: "ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others." I had a problem with being able to (a) control the feelings of others and (b) to accurately read them. I am a Libra, and we love balance, equality, and all that lovey-dovey stuff. You can ask Coach Kemp, I am all about allowing others to feel whatever emotions they desire at that time. In my opinion, you do not have to agree with their emotional-state, but you should be understanding of their feelings, and even meet them where they are. Secondly, I am not too sure I am interested in accurately reading the emotions and feelings of others. I myself do lots of "self talk" and have "irrational feelings" from time to time that I would not want others to be privy of. The only part of "empathy" as a superhuman power that I liked was "sensing" others emotions and feelings. I do believe this would aid in being a good friend and partner. Ok, then there was telepathy - the ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others. Again, the first part was not settling well with me, but I would like to mentally communicate with others.

By this point in my superhuman power decision-making I was beginning to get a little bummed! Is there any superhuman power on this list that would make me content. 

Alas, two superhuman powers caught my attention. One from the Mentality-based Abilities and the other from the Physics or Reality Manipulation list.

Back when still in undergrad and graduate school, I would have cherished innate capability, the ability to know or understand something without the need for studying or previous exposure.  The ability to get straight As with little to no effort would have been glorious. Unfortunately for me, I do not nor did I possess such a quality. On more occasion than I would like to admit, I tried that "I am too cool for school/studying" routine in undergrad and got bit in the rear! The first time occurred my freshman year, first semester. I took a Geology course, which I had too taken in high school as an AP course. Of course I thought it was would be an easy A. Guess who got a C! It was the first C I had ever received in my entire life. To say that I was distraught was a complete understatement, but a good life lesson as well. And then there was Macro-economics. Now I do think I gave more effort, but that was the final nail in the casket that led me to change majors from Business to Psychology, which I had always longed to do anyways. 

I giggled when I saw, omniscience, the ability to know anything and everything. This seems pretty appealing, but know I am too opinionated for such a power. I do know that knowledge is power, but there are some things you may not need to be too knowledgeable about. I  wrote about that here when discussing why I do not learn the game of basketball!

The superhuman power that I would like to posses today would be time manipulation, the ability to affect the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it. I purposely striked out reversing time because that is too similar to time travel, the ability to travel back and forth through time, which does not interest me. I would not desire to go back in time because I believe that my past has shaped me today. All those trials and tribulations have made me a stronger person, so what would be the purpose in changing those events? I, however, would love the ability to slow down time, and then rush forward if having a bad day! 

There you have it, my pageant response and decision-making process on which superhuman power I would like to posses.

Question of the Day: What superhuman power would you want to posses and why?


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