June 3, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 36

How Far Along:: 36 and looking oh so H-U-G-E!
Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a honeydew. At our US, they estimated that Little Miss Kemp weighs over 6lbs! The US tech did not tell us the specifics, but just noted that her femur was "long!" Then the doctor proceeded to estimate that she will weight between 7.5-8lbs! I have consulted with some other mommies who reminded me of the +/- 1lb estimate for the growth scan! I was just a little surprised with the possibility of an 8lb baby. But, by the looks of me, maybe that is accurate, lol!

Gender:: Baby Girl!

Stretch Marks::
Sleep:: Been having a little more energy and desire in the mornings. But, I am also sticking to my 10pm bed time!

Fit Pregnancy:: Just walking daily. I am somewhat over the resistance bands.

Cravings:: Pop, soda, anything with a fizz and sweet flavor. 

Miss Anything::Any adult beverage sounds delicious at this point! Even beer commercials have me salivating.

Symptoms:: Decreased appetite. I find myself not hungry during most of the day, except breakfast for which I am absolutely ravenous!

Belly Button In or Out::
No change here; in with a small portion sticking out!

We may have a gymnast on our hands!

Looking Forward To::My mom is coming June 18th! I know that is in 2 weeks, but I am excited to see her (xoxo).

Best Moment This Week:: We had three week! First, we had our last ultra-sound, mentioned above, and it was so surreal. At this point, we have agreed that Little Miss Kemp has my lips and nose! She takes after daddy in the big cheeks department. We too think she is going to be a little DIVA, like her momma (and grandmothers!). 

Then, we had a visit from one of my cousins and good friends! It was so nice seeing them both, even if only for a few days! The next time I see them, I will have a little girl for them to meet!

Lastly, yesterday was Prince's 2nd birthday! We made him a special breakfast and dinner of brown rice, boiled chicken, carrots, and celery. Once Coach got off of work, we went on a long walk around campus, and then finished off the night with a birthday song and gourmet dog cookie! Prince is pooped from his birthday festivities as he is currently sprawled out by my feet!

Michelyn Cynthia


  1. I swear you are still skinny everywhere but your belly, no fair!! lol

    1. Not so sure about the "skinny" part, but most of this weight is in my stomach :)