June 12, 2015

Schools Out!

 Happy Friday to you and happy last day of work for me!

The last two weeks have been ever so busy and I am beyond joyous that summer break is upon me! I want to thank all my followers for sticking around as I know my posts have been very sparse as of late. I must blame it on work and my ever-aching back for my lack of motivation on the blog! I am taking a half day from work today, so will be punching out at noon, hallelujah!

This summer is even more special since we will be welcoming our first child, Little Miss Kemp, any day now. Yesterday we had our 38 week appointment and we have even more progress. I know I typically share my pregnancy updates during my weekly Bump Updates, but I just can't help but share a little information early.

Last week I was effaced at 70-80% and now the doctor estimates a very "thin" 90% effacement! My cervix is still measuring at 1cm, which is what I had predicted. Like I mentioned on Wednesday, I discontinued my walking regime because I could feel my cervix shortening and contractions increasing when I walked. Mimi arrives tomorrow so we can continue walking around 2pm. And by walking I mean shopping in Columbus! We will take Prince out on a few walks until baby girl arrives too which will make him one happy canine.

Michelyn Cynthia

Question of the Day: What tactics/strategies did you do to get labor moving?


  1. Happy last day of work! My water broke less than two weeks after my last day, so the timing was perfect.

    1. Hoping for the same thing, maybe even sooner