June 17, 2015

Bump Update: Week 38

Hi friends. Are you a little confused?

Don't you worry, I didn't become pregnant all over again! 

On Friday, when I changed over to 38 weeks, we took a photo. I figure since I was 38 weeks pregnant for two days, I'd better go ahead and document/share prior to sharing about baby girl's birth. 

How Far Along:: 38 weeks.
Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a pumpkin.
I have not gained any weight at my last two office visits, though my stomach does seem to be expanding!

Gender:: Baby Girl!

Stretch Marks::
In the clear.
Sleep:: I can't say that it is non-existent, but I am definitely not sleeping a sound 9 hours like I once was. Granted, even when I was getting sound sleep, I was needing multiple bathroom breaks; now I am just up multiple times each night with the inability to get myself back to sleep!  I hear this is normal and just getting me prepared for the many restless nights ahead. 

On Sunday, I arose around my typical insomnia time of 3:30am. This morning's back pains and feelings were just DIFFERENT. After trying to get comfortable in our bedroom for over an hour, I announced that we needed to move downstairs to the family room. Well, we all know that a birth story began to develop shortly thereafter.

Fit Pregnancy:: We resumed exercise on Saturday! My diet had stayed pretty consistent though I did eat half the bag of Golden Graham S'mores mix which was basically Golden Graham cereal, marshmallow pieces, white chocolate chips, and dark chocolate drizzle. I can't even claim that it was a "healthy" snack mix option. I will not be purchasing it again!

Still thinking about that Jurassic World Dairy Queen blizzard from last week! And it was eaten on Friday night!!! Wonder if any of these treats got labor moving?!?

Miss Anything::
Any adult beverage sounds delicious!

Symptoms:: Back pains, mild 'menstrual-like' cramping, contractions, and just overall pressure down south! 

Belly Button In or Out::

It's beginning to get hard to distinguish her movement/stretching and contractions since they are both pretty uncomfortable.

Looking Forward To:: Little Miss Kemp's arrival. (She's here!)

Best Moment This Week:: Mimi's arrival!

Michelyn Cynthia

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