June 12, 2015

Cherish Every Moment

Note: This post was originally written on Saturday, June 13th with the anticipation of posting today. Since its original edition, Violet Catharina Kemp, lovingly referred to as "Little Miss Kemp" arrived on Sunday, June 14th. Her birth story will be shared soon. Mommy and baby are doing well. 

I have read that there are only 940 Saturdays between your child's birth and them leaving for college! Are you too surprised with that number? I mean when you think of that in years being merely 365 days, its like less than two years worth of Saturdays!

Perhaps I am being a little over-dramatic, but as we await Little Miss Kemp's arrival and as I scroll through social media seeing my friends' children reach various milestones (first birthdays, graduating from preschool/kindergarten, etc.), the swiftness of your child's development has been on my mind.

I remember being young, (well younger than I currently am, lol), and my parents frequently commenting on how swiftly life goes by and to relish in my youth. Honestly, I did not put much thought into their recommendations because summer break seemed to last forever! Though I do remember feeling like high school was over in a blink of an eye, and college went by even faster! Maybe this is why I elected to attend graduate school; my efforts of hanging on to my youth for a little longer....

Now as Coach and I embark on this monstrous task of nurturing and developing a little person, I hope that I can remember to cherish each minute, hour, and day because I know they are fleeting. I realize there will be days and weeks that we struggle, but I too am overjoyed with the responsibility to raise Little Miss Kemp into a loving, caring, and responsible adult. Certainly these are just the basic characteristics that I hope to instill into her little schema, plus so much more.

I must confess that in the past I have struggled with always living in the present. I have shared my tendencies of being Type-A, and have really worked at being less so, especially since being a coach's wife does not always lend itself to embodying all of Type-A qualities. In no way am I correlating being a planner and an individual who doesn't live in the moment; however, it can lead me to personally desire a rigid blueprint. Plans are fabulous until they do not allow you to admire and treasure your today.

You know what is great about aging? Personal growth and development in all facets of one's life.  Its my opinion that relishing in the present and being thankful for the gifts bestowed upon you is the most effective tool in attracting additional positive energy in your life.

So as we await the birth of Miss Kemp, I am reminding myself to take one breath at a time. I hope to take too many pictures, document every milestone, and just live life to its fullest. Team Kemp has accomplished so much in the last three years. I am certain that even more is in store, but in the meantime, let's cherish this time as first time parents.

Michelyn Cynthia

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