June 10, 2015

Bump Update: Week 37

How Far Along:: Full term!
Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a winter squash.

Gender:: Baby Girl!

Stretch Marks::
In the clear.
Sleep:: What's that? I officially have insomnia! The other night Coach had the nerve to tell me to simply "go to bed!" Really! If it were that simple; trust me, I would be getting some Zs.

Fit Pregnancy:: I have taken up my modified bed rest until Saturday when Mimi arrives!

Sleep! Oh, we are referring to food! Hmm, that new Jurassic World Dairy Queen blizzard sounds amazing! It is a combination of cookie dough and peanut butter cookie pieces. Trying to hold out on that one! On Saturday Coach mentioned Taco Bell, and I had secretly been yearning for a cheese quesadilla for so long I can't even remember. I blame him because I caved in!

Miss Anything::
Seeing my feet and no back pains!

Symptoms:: Side back pains; morning headaches, and insomnia. I am beginning to enter that truly uncomfortable stage in pregnancy, when you are just ready for it to be over. I too am overly sensitive/emotional. This weekend I became really emotional because soon Prince, the dog, will not be an only child. By emotional, I mean that I started crying inconsolably. Prince is such a good boy, and we know he will be a great big brother. The transition will be somewhat challenging for him as he likes to be the center of attention, and has had it this way for two years.Yea, I just confessed to having a crying fit over the dog!

Belly Button In or Out::

Movement:: We should take video footage of my stomach because this child is an acrobat. I look forward to my next OB appointment because we think she has moved sides. For weeks, her feet have been near my upper right rib cage, buttocks to my left side, and head south. We swear she has flipped to the other side for her legs and buttocks. I guess it does not matter just as long as her head is south, which it is! Just strange that we think she has moved so drastically and so late in the pregnancy.  

Looking Forward To:: My mother's arrival on Saturday. We too will get a little shopping in before baby too. 

Best Moment This Week:: We installed the car seat and bases in both of our cars. Coach also assembled the second stroller, the BOB Revolution SE, and I finished packing my hospital bags.

Michelyn Cynthia

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  1. I'm getting so stinking excited for you guys and for the little princess to arrive! :)