April 24, 2015

Redefining "Fit Pregnancy"

The last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. One moment, I was feeling 100% perfect and then the next I am heading to the ER -- for the second time!

I was placed on a modified bed rest - oh my! You know, I was beginning to get a little over-confident about having such a smooth sailing pregnancy, and then a few roadblocks came my way. Over the last ten days, I questioned how people do this (i.e., pregnancy) multiple times, if my body can even handle pregnancy, if I was going to be a "prisoner" to my office chair/sofa/bed, and the list goes on... See, this is what happens when you put a woman on bed rest! She goes a little batty.

The good news! This momma-to-be has been released from her modified bed rest. Given that this is my first pregnancy, the doctor's are being cautious but they believe I have a dynamic cervix; meaning that it shortens and elongates more easily. (As an aside, cervixes, in general, are dynamic; however, they believe mine is more dynamic than average. This, again, is a hypothesis, there was no specific test administered, but the data trend of my cervix length would lead one to conclude this finding.) 

Little Miss Kemp, in the future, dancing away! Or, just celebrating that mommy is off bed rest!
I have been placed on a strict exercise regimen - 30 mins of slow walking/day. I too have been approved to continue with resistant band exercises, most of which I do from a seated position. Now one can find me with a band in hand while I peruse the internet online shop and read my blog roll!  My 30 mins of walking will include going to the grocery store, a walk with the dog, or walking on the treadmill (2.6 - 2.8 pace); and then it is time to sit, relax, and try to not push it too much!

If you have been following my weekly Bump Updates, this is a change to my previous exercise regime. I had some unease because I felt like I had, once again, failed in my vision for a "fit pregnancy." I previously wrote a post about my frustration with not feeling comfortable with running while pregnant (post here),though it was in my plans. Now the second curve ball came these past few days, and it was after my Fit To Be Pregnant feature which made me a little more dejected.

What is most important - following my vision of a "fit pregnancy" or a healthy baby?

A healthy baby, for sure, and this has always been my goal for my entire pregnancy. Over the last 8 months, my definition of having a fit, healthy pregnancy has surely evolved because my body has shown signs that it needs to slow down.

I am in no way shunning women that run throughout their entire pregnancy or those that are able to continue their regular/modified workouts without any issues. In contrast, I commend them. I too commend women that redefine their workout routine to accommodate their pregnancy.

I too had to remember that "fit pregnancy" is not only defined by activity level. Many fitness and health professionals actually state that the foods that one consumes is the most important factor in living a healthy lifestyle.

For the next 9 weeks, my goal is to focus on my diet, the foods that I consume, to continue on my quest for a "fit pregnancy."

What has been the best aspect of this whole ordeal?

The many ultra-sounds! Typically patients at my OB office have USs  between 8-12 weeks, 20 weeks, and then a final US at 36 weeks right before delivery. Well, Little Miss Kemp already likes the limelight because we have seen her "on the big screen" an additional four times! She is doing well, thriving, and wondering what is all the commotion about in that outside world. However, she always puts on a little show for the on-lookers - wonder where she gets that from?

 Michelyn Cynthia


  1. So glad you've been released from bed rest!! I know that had to be tough

    1. I am so relieved! I am not sure how people "do" bed rest for long stretches of time.... I was going cray cray lol