April 8, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 28

How Far Along:: 28 weeks. We are in the 3rd trimester, folks!
Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of an eggplant.

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks:: I believe we are still in the clear.

Sleep:: I have been super, duper tired this past week. I believe my body is still "recovering" from all the fun of the Final Four, plus I resumed CrossFit which I did not do for a whole week.

Exercise:: Back into the swing of things at CrossFit. I have been so tired and busy with work, that I have been unable to keep up with my treadmill work-outs but know they will resume here shortly.

Cravings:: I have been yearning for KrispyKreme donuts!

Miss Anything:: KrispyKreme stores, lol.

Symptoms:: Besides exhaustion, feeling really good. I have my next OB and adjustment appointments tomorrow. I need to get a list of questions together.

Belly Button In or Out:: It's flat as a pancake!

Movement:: Last night she was going to town! But, she is pretty active on most days!

Best Worst Moment of the Week::
The Badgers losing in the National Championship Game, boo!

Looking Forward To:: My mother arrives later today (huge smile)!

Michelyn Cynthia


  1. You look great, as usual! Can totally relate to the donut craving... when I was pregnant, I would seriously stop and buy some on the way home from work... at 11pm!

    1. I have seriously been thinking about donuts! It's crazy! I am trying to hold out until the end, but it may be a complete binge once we get there, lol