May 5, 2015

Fit Pregnancy-Related Blogs

Back in February a friend of mine asked me about fit pregnancy-related blogs and resources through Facebook! Now, there are few topicss that will get me giddy, talking for days. One of those topics just so happens to be fit pregnancy & fit mommy bloggers!

I quickly sent her a reply with a few of my favorite fit pregnancy & mommy bloggers; however, I too told her that the quick list was not exhaustive. Granted, this list that I am providing is not an exhaustive list of all fit pregnancy and mommy bloggers, it is my staple for these topics. And since I put the list together, I figure I should share my resources with you as well!

Now, the following list of bloggers are women that I have followed for an extensive period of time. You know, I like to be prepared for these life changes, so I have been following some of these women on blogland for a number of years!

I should also note that there are a few other bloggers who have shared about their pregnancies all while staying fit, however, these bloggers have focused their content on fit pregnancies!

Here are the six fit pregnancy & fit mommy bloggers that I adore! (Listed in alphabetical order)

Carrots 'N' Cake:: Are you a runner or CrossFit enthusiast? Then Tina's blog is the one you should follow. A little under a year ago she gave birth to her first son, Quinn, who is so stinking cute. And, she is a pug & food enthusiast! I loved following her CrossFit pregnancy journey, and she most recently ran the Boston Marathon! I referred to her recommendations for CrossFit accommodations while pregnant. Now I follow her as an example of staying fit while raising a small one! Visit her "Fit Pregnancy" page if you are interested in her previous posts that she wrote while pregnant! She too has many stroller exercises that I am anxious to try out in a few months!

Diary of a Fit Mommy:: I recently stumbled across Sia's blog, and am happy that I did! Sia not only provides a wealth of home exercise programs but also specific posts about clean eating! She has a few posts about IIFYM (It It Fits Your Macros) dieting, which is something I want to revisit post-baby. She has a ROCKING body, and perky personality. She is the mommy to Greyson, 15 months, but openly shares that she longs for baby #2 sometime soon! I look forward to following her fit pregnancy, though I will not be pregnant when she shares her journey.

Fit Foodie Le:: Now if I had to pick only one of these bloggers to be BFFs with, it would most certainly be Le. I would LOVE to live in Houston, so we could be besties! Le and her husband, Sonny, have two boys and are the owners of 6 Pack USA! In another life, I desire to compete in a fitness competition! Well, Le and her husband train people nationwide to do just that, and much more. Le specializes in prenatal and postnatal fitness. She shares some of the BEST recipes around, including macro-nutrient information, and just random life happenings of a mommy to two boys!

The Fitnesssista::I believe I have been following Gina the longest! AND, she is currently pregnant with Baby #2, which she recently announced. If you are desiring to follow a pregnant momma, then I would highly recommend Gina. I also recommend Gina if you enjoy yoga, Zumba, HIIT fitness, and/or Body Pump style workouts as she is a group fitness instructor for all these styles and much more! I sometimes wonder how she teachers so many different styles! She too is a military wife so her family has moved a few times, which I can relate to.

Fit To Be Pregnant:: Of course I could not forget Deanna over at Fit To Be Pregnant! She has a wealth of information and updates that one could peruse, providing specific workouts for each trimester and post-partum! She too shares all kinds of articles to help/support expecting moms! What I love most about her blog? The Fit Pregnancy Profiles features, especially since I was featured a few weeks ago. You can also read her personal posts about getting back into shape that were written after her most recent pregnancy!

Workout Mama:: Tamara's posts have become a little sporadic, however, she has not given word that she is closing down the blog. Tamara is mommy to two and wife to a firefighter! I followed her most recent pregnancy, and she more recently has shared about her experiences with post-partum depression which have been very interesting to me. If you are looking for a fitness-inspired blogger who also loves Christ, then Tamara is a good blogger to follow.

Michelyn Cynthia

Questions of the day: What topic(s) can you talk endlessly about?

What fit pregnancy and mommy bloggers do you follow?

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