May 8, 2015

Sportsy-Casual & Mommy-Approved

Just last week I purged my closet of so many clothes and shoes that it was a little absurd. In all, we sent two large trash bags and a medium-sized suitcase to Goodwill!

You must assume that I haven't cleaned my closet in a few years?!?


We have moved two times in the last three years, and with every move I have cleaned house! When we moved from Fargo, I rid my closet of about 20 pairs of shoes and lots of heavy winter wear. When we moved from Toledo to  Athens, I did away with many under-used purses and clothes. And prior to that, I had moved from Madison to Fargo, which was probably the biggest purge yet!

How I accumulate an abundance of clothes/shoes/purses is truly besides me because I do not shop, for clothes, every day! Isn't that the only way one could collect so much stuff?

Ok, I must admit that I am a bit of a shopping spree fanatic. I can go months without buying any clothes, and then hit it hard for a month straight, in an almost outrageous fashion.

Problems of a shopaholic, who is not admitting them-self into rehab!

It is my plan to wear many of my pregnancy clothes post-partum and then transition back into my previous wardrobe - starting with those "big girl" clothes first! You know that portion of your wardrobe that you lean towards during the holidays or when your activity level is a little below stellar.

Since I have no plans of buying a lot of new clothes right away, I figure I might as well re-stock my shoe game in the meantime. I too figure that many of these shoes can transition well into my A-Game attire once we get into the basketball season. I am envisioning that my style will be a little more sportsy than it has been in the past. I will adhere to my Coach's Wife: Tips for Dressing philosophy, but we may see a few less 3-inch knee high boots!

 A. New Balance '420' Sneaker

B. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneaker

C. Sperry Top-Sider

D. Tom's Canvas Originals

E. Superga 2750 COTU Classic

Prior to making my wish list, I consulted with the 'professionals' (aka my mommy friends). One of my friends, who also just happens to be a former beauty queen, recommended that I stick with neutral colors for shoes (brown/tan, gray/black, etc.). Now I have the Superga's shown in white but they also come in an assortment of colors.

I currently have two pair of Sperry's (gold, like above, & animal print) so do not plan to buy any others, but all the others are sitting in my shopping cart ready for me to pull the trigger!

Michelyn Cynthia

Questions of the Day: Have I missed any of your favorite sportsy-casual spring/summer shoes? 

What sportsy-casual shoes do you recommend for the fall/winter?


  1. I'm loving those New Balance sneakers! #want

  2. I love love love my Sperry's! Check out Nordstrom for cute floral pairs :) I'm also a big fan of my White Converse but my favorite sporty-ish shoe is the Reebok Cityscape : You NEED to get a pair of these! They're lightweight and have memory foam in them. They are the most comfortable shoes they're machine washable :)