December 10, 2014

Tips for Dressing: Coach's Wife

Hello Beauties! Today's post is fun, so I hope you enjoy!!!

I know I have only been a coach's wife for two years, but I think over the last few years I have learned a few things about dressing for basketball games! (Though we have only been married for two years, there were those years of courtship plus being a fiance... Don't I get credit for that time as well, lol?!?)

So here goes my four simple guidelines for perfecting your A-Game Attire!

1. Think Outside of the Box. Purchasing university/high school apparel from the school bookstore is great, and I will be the first to admit that I have several pieces from some notable stores in Athens (College Book Store & UniversiTees are my favorite for Ohio U gear). However, I do not recommend solely sticking to school-based clothes for two reasons. One, everyone is buying school shirts from the same stores as you, and you will blend in. If you like to blend in, then keep on buying those shirts and other apparel from those stores. Second, depending on your university/high school your options are limited.

So besides buying school-based shirts, I recommend buying unique items from Etsy or even making your own. Ok, I know I got a few side-eyes, because I am so not a DIY-er, but stay with me because I am still speaking of having others do the manual labor for you. Ok, I got you back! Have a favorite shirt in a solid or fun print? Then take this shirt to a screen printer or embroidery store and pay for them to embed the school crest, school initials, or even the mascot on this item! Or, if you are a DIY-er buy those fun crystal decals at any local arts and craft store and apply yourself!

I feel like the options are endless when you think outside of the box (aka the traditional book stores and other school-based stores).

2. Dress in Team Colors. This is probably my go-to look! I have a closet full of rainbow apparel but lots of Green (NDSU & Ohio), Yellow/Gold/Brown (NDSU & Toledo), and blue (Toledo), as well as basics to make a lot of things happen. Now, as you can see I did not necessarily say Ohio Green (Ohio U) or Tower Blue (Toledo), but rather, the general color. Trust me when I say that you don't have to buy the exact school colors, but the general color. I have yet to have a college president or Athletic Director approach me because I wasn't wearing the correct shade of whatever! Guess what? You don't have to wear sanctioned gear!

Now, I have had a fan approach me and question why I wasn't wearing Green & Gold, when my shirt was different shades of green and yellow - uhm I was close enough!?! I smiled and said something sweet, of course!

Ok, the only time I really scrutinize the shade of my outfit is if our opponent's school's colors are similar. So for example, I am a Wisconsin alum (Cardinal & White) and when we play Nebraska (Scarlet & Cream) I do not wear cream and I wear a true red. And heck, at that point, I may simply recommend wearing a school-based shirt so it is very clear who you are cheering for!

3. Accessories are Your Friend. I too like going with a basic outfit (solid black, all grey, or jeans and a white tee), and then using accessories to jazz it up and showcase my school pride. If you don't want to spend alot of money, this is my recommendation because you can wear a completely different outfit and use the same accessories, and no one will know the difference!

So, what do you like? Shoes? Purses? Necklaces? Hats? Jewelry? Or, are you like me and you like it all!  Well, whatever you prefer buy that item in several styles and solid colors. I never imagined I would buy apparel at Wal-Mart, but I am now a converter. I have learned to look in random places because you can get some inexpensive yet cute things in unexpected stores!

4. Be Yourself. Last and finally, be yourself! I like to over-dress, it is my thing, but it is not for everybody. Well, I don't even think I really over-dress, although others may have a different opinion. And guess what?!? That is ok with me. I have decided this is defined regionally.

Is your style sportsy? Then keep it sportsy, but have fun with it and tie it together!

Do you enjoy wearing dresses and skirts!?! Then wear dresses and skirts, although this may not be feasible if you reside in the midwest, as I am partial to dresses/skirts, but not being cold. But, if you can pull it all together - go for it!

You love those jeans!? Child, have you seen how many colors jeans come in. You can buy every shade in the rainbow, pair it with a white T, some converse and a basketball cap! Cute, if I do say so myself!

Leggings are your savior?!?Over-sized sweaters, cardigans, blouses pair so well with leggings! You can pair that with boots, heels, or even tennis shoes too!

Ok, you get the picture. Simply have fun & be YOURSELF!

Go Team


  1. Love this! My first year when we were at ASU, I wore a Sun Devil t shirt to every game… so over that, LOL!

    1. Well I am sure ASU has cute apparel as well. it can be challenging for smaller school and/or high schools because the bookstores do not necessarily have many options. No matter what you wear, I am certain it is rocking :)