December 27, 2014

A-Game Attire with Ashley

My name is Ashley Pittman. I’m married to Josh Pittman, a men’s basketball coach at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN. It’s a NCAA Division II Christian university just miles from downtown Nashville.

Josh began his coaching career at the University of Louisville as a student assistant. Since his start, he has coached at New Mexico State University, Grand View University, and Indiana University Southeast. Trevecca just made the transition from NAIA Division I to NCAA Division II. It’s challenging making the transition, but it’s worth it! Being in the center of Nashville attracts several students and provides many opportunities. TNU’s choir sang with Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards and Sarah Evans at the CMA Christmas Concert. The basketball team played against Vanderbilt University and Belmont University. Nashville is one of America’s best kept secrets, and we hope it stays that way! It’s normal to see people from the ABC’s show, Nashville, or others in the music/entertainment business.

My business brought us to Nashville. I have a financial services practice in Nashville, TN. You can learn more about that at my Northwestern Mutual webpage! Or, I’d love to connect with you professionally on LinkedIn. You can fine my LinkedIn Profile, here.

I love what I do because I get to build relationships with my clients and help them think through and create a road-map to reach their financial goals.

How did you and Coach meet?

I was 18. He was 19. My best friends in college were his best friends in high school. I wrote him off when I saw his backwards hat and his obsession with sports (not to mention the 4.5 hours between us). Then our best friends, who had dated since 8th grade, got married…so we were both in their wedding. For years, we attended several more of our friend’s weddings. Still nothing. A few years after college, I received a Facebook message asking what I was doing in France. He then used a southern pick up line, asking me out for some sweet tea (which he hates). And we’ve been together ever since. We got married less than 2 years later in Maui.

Explain your general game-day attire.

My game-day attire is really pretty simple. 90% of the time I wear jeans and my booties with a simple top. I had to admit to Michelyn that I do not typically wear our team’s colors. That sounds terrible, and honestly I’m not really sure why I don’t. Trevecca’s colors are purple and white. Those are great colors, so I need to go buy more purple! Trevecca is unique in that it has a retirement home on campus, which is awesome because several of the fans walk over from there. Those ladies wear purple head to toe, so maybe I just feel like they have that covered (or I just can’t compete with their style).

Where do you typically purchase your game-day attire?

BCBG- it’s so bad that they sent me a Christmas Card. They have BCBG in Dillards, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Outlet Stores. I purchase most of mine from Dillard’s because it’s quick and easy.

The white shirt, black shirt, fur vest, tan and black coat, and pink coat pictured are all BCBG. Yes, BCBG prices can start high. The secret here is to buy them once they are 50% off. This weekend, they have 60% off with an extra 20% off. That happens all of the time, so NEVER buy it full price. Wait a month, and get it half off (Sorry BCBG…the secret’s out).

Jeans pictured are AG. I buy a lot of my jeans from OFF 5th Saks Ave.

Jessica Simpson is my “go to” for shoes. The boots and heels are both Jessica Simpson. I work all day every day in those heels (which is why I wear them to some games after work). Most ladies eyes get huge when they see how tall they are, but the fashion secret is in the platform. So comfortable! And I could probably run a mile in those booties. I don’t do flats…unless they are Nike’s! Heels available at Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack. Booties at

What is your most memorable basketball experience to date? 

My most memorable basketball experience was at the NCAA National Championship game when Louisville played Michigan. One of Josh’s former players (a middle school team in KY), Tim Henderson, played a huge role in leading them to that game and winning the National Championship. We are obviously huge fans since Josh started at Louisville, so it was cool to see them be there and win. Go Cards!

What do you enjoy most about Josh's job?

This is Josh’s second season at TNU, so he played a major part in recruiting the current team. Recruiting is one of my favorite parts of his job. We take them out and really get to know them through that process. We also spend a lot of time with them before the season starts. I love getting to know the guys and watching them grow throughout the season, both as people and basketball players.

What tips can you provide to other coaches wives?

Support. Support. Support. If it’s what they are called to do, it’s what you’re called to do too. Marriage is a team sport (pun intended). Know when to talk and when to listen. I really just play off of him. If he wants to discuss the X’s and O’s (he knows I don’t really get that, just like he doesn’t get some financial strategies), I play along. We talk through the problems with the defense, etc. If he doesn’t want to discuss it, we talk about something else…like food. That’s always important.

Encourage. Encourage. Encourage. Tell him he’s awesome! Works every time. I joke with him saying that I tell him he’s really good at something so he’ll do it (especially when it comes to chores). It really works though. You should try it!

Ashley Pittman
Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative

 Thank you so much to Ashley Pittman! If you, or anyone you know, is interested in learning more about organizing your finances; I highly recommend that you contact her. And, let's not even discuss her super cute style! I would personally wear each of the three outfits she showcased! Oh, and I too love some BCBG and Jessica Simpson attire.

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