December 24, 2014

Bump Watch: Week 13

Aloha from Hawaii! And, wishing you and your family a very blessed and joyful Christmas Eve!

If you missed the news... Coach Kemp and I are EXPECTING!!! Please read my Pregnancy Announcement Post!

My first bump update is going to be a little short, and to the point. I had originally written this post while traveling to Hawaii. Unfortunately, that draft did not save and now I am sitting here on Wednesday morning, Hawaii time, trying to put it together! So let's dive in, shall we.

13 Weeks on Diamond Head

How Far Along:: 13 weeks

Gender:: Unknown, although I lovingly say 'she'

Stretch Marks:: Not one! I will share my 'recipe' next week!

Sleep:: 8-10 Hours still. The time change has me all altered, and I can't seem to shake it. By 8:30-9:00pm, I am completely exhausted, and then arise around 4:00am. Luckily/unluckily, I am able to get a few more hours of Zzzs, but have been going to the gym early in the morning to give myself something to do!

Exercise::Going strong! Went on a glorious 4 mile run along Waikiki Beach, and then some cardio sessions in the hotel gym, as well. I miss my CrossFit WODs, and am looking forward to Monday, when the box re-opens!

Craving:: None really

Miss Anything:: On this trip being able to enjoy some libations, and my inability to eat seafood without reservation. I just have been avoiding it altogether, although Coach Kemp and I are frequenting a restaurant tonight, and I will have my weekly allotment of seafood!

Last night I had my first non-alcoholic beer... I have never been a beer connoisseur, so think I will just stick with water! I have not had any frilly fruity drinks either... I am not sure if I want the extra calories. I would rather has some ice cream and/or cookie!

Symptoms:: Prior to being pregnant, plane rides, especially the decent made me nauseous. Well, the decent into Hawaii was pretty brutal, but Jill Fuss, wife to one of the assistant's, made me a concoction of oils which helped me out a lot. I am glad I did a test-run to Madison last week to know that the flight would make me even more queasy, so I was prepared. But, other than that, feeling really good! Thank goodness!

Belly button in or out:: In

Movement:: Not yet, but looking forward to it.

Looking forward to:: Gender reveal on February 2nd!

On My Mind:: What on earth will I discuss during these frequent OB appointments!

Message to Baby:: Mommy and Daddy love you!

* I will not be posting and/or sharing my weight gain, Honestly, it is not something I can, nor want to, fret about at this point in my life. I am certain I will share my post-baby weight loss journey with my blog followers, but don't feel the weight gain is important.


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