December 17, 2014

Over-Packing for Hawaii

Happy Hump Day! My day is starting about one hour later than I had hoped after I forgot to set my alarm for the 5am CrossFit class. I ended up taking the 6am class after wakening at 4:57am, only to realize that (a) my alarm never went off and (b) that I would not make it in time for the 5am!

Anyways, last night Coach Kemp and I packed for Hawaii. The team is heading out of town today as they play Evansville on Thursday, so the wives are meeting them in Hawaii!

What I have concluded from my many years of traveling and packing is that I am the WORST over-packer in the world! Last August we traveled to Greece with the University of Toledo MBB. For that trip, I was able to pack two weeks of clothes in one suitcase - that weighed under 50lbs! I am still a little bewildered at how this was accomplished, but one positive is that we had a very thorough itinerary. Unfortunately, there is no itinerary for Hawaii, besides when games will be played! All of this means that I am back to my over-packing and feeling that I will not have enough suitable attire for various activities.

What are your packing strategies? I have watched and re-watched one of my good friends youtube videos on packing a carry-on for Europe. Check out her post, How To Pack a Carry-On Suitcase, her video is embedded in the post! Oh, and go ahead and follow Ashley because her videos are great!


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