December 9, 2014

My Journey to Younique

One month ago today I joined the Younique Team, and am still in disbelief about my decision to be an Independent Presenter but ever so glad that I did! I am in disbelief only because I have never considered myself a sales-person. Sure, I was a sales associate while in college at a shoe store, but in all honesty I did that more for the discount than because I enjoyed sales.

Like I mentioned in my original review post, I was first introduced to this fabulous product by a dear friend, Shannon Nelson. And yes, there is a basketball connection! Shannon is the wife to Mike Nelson, NDSU men's basketball stand-out, who my husband coached in the school's first appearance in the NCAA tournament. She first approached me to sample the product for the blog - and I never turned back!

So why Younique? I have been approached to sell every product under the sun, however, I was never fully impressed with any of the products. See, that is the difference? I don't consider myself a sales-person, rather, I am simply sharing my fondness for these fabulous make-up products, especially the 3D mascara! Honestly, this stuff is amazing.

Prior to trying the 3D Moodstruck mascara, I was an avid false eyelash wearer. Come on, you can't truly be surprised! I am a former beauty queen. From my prospective, the bigger the eyelashes the better! When I competed I got eyelash extensions and then would add an additional strip of removable false eyelashes to really get a plump and voluminous look! And, sometimes yearned for them to be BIGGER!

Ok, so the sash, title, and crown are stashed away, but you can never truly take away all that sparkle from a girl!

Because of this, I would consider myself a professional false eyelash applicator. But, it still takes some time and patience to apply those bad boys...

And yes, I have had some really bad application stories. Like the time I met a new friend for lunch only to learn after that my false eye lash was hanging on by a thread! Really good way to make a good first impression, not!

Boy have I been pleased with ease of the 3D Moodstruck mascara!


Although I cannot claim that I have completely lost hope on my false eyelashes; I will say that the 3D mascara even does wonders to one's false eyelash game! Pageant girls, cheerleaders, and others desiring eye-popping eyes, should still invest in this product.

In addition to the mascara, I have really enjoyed the lip glosses; eye pencils; and eye & face primer! However, if I had to chose one item from the whole line I would recommend the mascara!

If you are interested in learning more about the products, please visit my website!

And within under one month, I have moved-up in the company! Kudos to this lady :)

All of the products are all-natural, chemical-free, and mineral-based which is good in my books!


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