December 22, 2014

June 2015!

The joyful announcement day has arrived; Team Kemp is growing to a family of four in June 2015. Yes, Prince, the dog, will forever be our first child albeit he's not of the human- kind. So fittingly, he took center-stage in the announcement for this year's Christmas card.

I too think it's safe to say, that he took center-stage in the Christmas card from 2013. 
Don't you agree?
 We are not too certain how Prince will adjust with sharing the limelight, but buddy doesn't have a choice. It will be nice that he'll be two-years old when the baby arrives, so hopefully he'll adjust well. Yeah, I know, we treat him like a child. Ha, he is so darn spoiled. If I could be reincarnated it would be as him. He rules the house, and he knows it.

But, back to Baby Kemp's arrival which is very exciting for both sides of our family. It will be the first grandchild for my parents and technically only; I'm an only child.

Jason's immediate older brother is pregnant with their third, due the beginning of January 2015. They currently have two boys and Kemp #3 is a surprise!

Coach Kemp and I will be learning the sex of this child at my 18 week appointment, around late January. My mother was actually surprised that I'd want to know; I was astonished by her assumption! Uhm, this lady right here is a planner. How anyone goes 9+ months willingly unknowing the sex of their child is beyond me. Though I might consider this for Baby Kemp #2, if we are so blessed. Ok, let me deliver and raise Baby Kemp #1 before anyone starts mentioning #2. I, on the other hand, can do this willingly; I'm the incubator aren't I?

Obviously the verdict is weighing heavily that Baby Kemp is a boy given the Kemp history. Jason is one of three boys, and his older brother has two boys and one TBD. My father is praying to the heavens for a healthy baby first, or so he tells me. But I know he's secretly praying to every god for a boy. I too believe Coach Kemp is in that camp with him. My mother is certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that it's a boy and my in-laws are praying for pink. My mother in law recently sent me a note with "Think Pink" scribbled in one of the pink bows, lol.

BBB followers, get ready for weekly bump updates every Wednesday!!


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