December 2, 2014

Coaches Corner: Team BeachBody

With each of these Coaches Corner features, I get even more giddy! Maybe it is because I have known these ladies for years - well for as long as I have been a coach's significant other. I almost feel like we are traveling down this journey together - from staff at NDSU to new adventures! This is such a sisterhood that I embrace wholeheartedly. Andrea is such an amazing woman, mother, wife, and business woman that all can respect and admire. The University of Minnesota-Crookston (UMC) fans are fortunate to have Andrea as their First Lady of Men's Basketball.  

How has the first few months of being the First Lady of Golden Eagles basketball been going?

It was a little scary at first because I was leaving my job as an interventional radiology technologist of 14 years to pursue a job that would fit our new lifestyle as a wife of a Head Coach. Once we got to Crookston I was fortunate enough to find a full-time job as a legal assistant at a local law firm office.  We are meeting a lot of wonderful new people and adjusting to our new house, jobs, and daycare.

What has been your best experience thus far?

Besides the moment when Dan received the call that he would be the new Head Coach at UMC I would say the week of Thanksgiving when Dan’s family came to visit and we all road tripped to the UMC vs. NDSU game in Fargo. It was fun to be back in Fargo where this journey all started. Although UMC fell short by only 1 point, it was a fun game and great see old friends.

 Any fun outings and/or family events with the MBB staff or another staff at Crookston.

We hosted our first team meal at our house in September. It was fun to have all 17 guys over for ribs, chicken, mashed potatoes, and all the fixings. It’s amazing how much athletes can eat! We also had Thanksgiving dinner at our house with Dans’s parents, sister, and the Men’s Basketball Coaches.

Tell us a little about that the Coach Weisse ”courtship tactics,” lol? How did you meet? And, how did he propose?

We met on and 11 months later we were engaged. When he proposed, he had flowers delivered to my shipping store, Goin’ Postal, but there was no name on the flowers. I thought they were delivered by mistake. My business partners were in on it and they played it off very well. When I got home I found more flowers and a matching card. Then I realized what was going on. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and the next day he went recruiting for 9 days. Lol!

And four years later you are the proud parents of two little ones – Makenna and Ethan. Have they adjusted well to living in Crookston?

Ethan wasn’t quite two when we moved so he really didn’t know any different. Makenna knew we were moving, but her first response was, “ We don’t have any balloons.” Referencing the movie “UP” we had just seen 20 times. They have adjusted really well. They are both at the Catholic Sunrise Center and it only took a couple of days for them to get used to their new daycare. As Makenna would say, “Mom, its school not daycare”.

Tell us a little about Makenna and Ethan.  

Makenna (Kenna Bear) will be 4 in January and is Daddy’s little princess. She acts so much older then she really is. She negotiates everything and has a very good memory. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that she is not even 4 yet. She loves gymnastics, playing with her dolls, playing dress up and singing. Dan taught her the Star Spangled Banner when she was a little over 2 years old! She just started ice-skating lessons and is doing very well.

Ethan turned 2 in August and he is all boy! He keeps us on our toes that’s for sure. He like trucks, car tools and anything sports. He’s our little clown, his favorite outfit is a pull up and snow boots! He loves going to games and cheering with Mom. His current phrase is “Box out!”

And with your move to Crookston came some new experiences and roles for yourself. You recently became an Independent Team BeachBody Coach. What is BeachBody?

If you have ever heard of Insanity or P90x, this is the company that produces those workout videos. They also have the best daily source of dense nutrition on the market called Shakeology, plus a lot of other great products.

What made you decide to become a BeachBody coach?

I used to be a really active person. Softball, rollerblading, lifting weights, playing golf, hiking, biking. You name it, I did it (or at least would try it). I even ran a marathon! Which I’m sure I don’t think that I will ever do that again. That’s when a full time job, owning a shipping store, and kids just kind of took over. After having Ethan, I really wanted to start exercising again, but I felt like I never had the time. Excuses, I know. Well, right before we moved to Crookston, Dan’s brother asked if I would be interested in joining BeachBody. I said yes right away. I saw this as an opportunity for motivation and accountability that I needed. This was the perfect time to incorporate working out into my daily routine. Once I started, I realized what a great opportunity it was to help others and pay it forward.

How do you help others lose weight?

Once someone decides they want to change their lifestyle by getting healthy and fit, I will help them pick out a program that is tailored to their specific goals along with Shakeology. From there, they get support and accountability from me as well as others in the group. It is a lot of fun! What’s great about this is that a person has the opportunity to do whatever they want with the program. Whether they become a coach and pay it forward or to stay as a customer. It is great either way.

Has Coach Weisse jumped on the bandwagon?

He was actually drinking Shakeology before I was. I just never knew there was so much more to it and that you can get paid to work out and help others at the same time!

Last question – what advice do you have for “new” coach’s wives and those that are engaged to coaches?

1. You will need “me time” every once in a while! While the coaching husband can be gone for long periods of time, that leaves you to take care of the kids, the house, work, any issues that could possibly happen, like shoveling a foot of snow while being pregnant. I make sure to get a work out in even if it turns into a family affair. So when he is home make sure to take the time to get a coffee, a glass of wine with friends, or even a quick workout and give yourself a break, you’ve earned it!

2. Find a reliable babysitter. Date nights are very important, even if it is just to Wal-Mart for Black Friday shopping for an hour.

3. When they are on the road recruiting, or on a road trip sometimes it does get a bit overwhelming, but at the end of every season you will look back, think about all the ups and downs, wins, loses and say, “That was awesome! I can’t wait for next season!”

Interested in BeachBody? Please check out Andrea's website for more information.


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