December 30, 2014

Cats Do Hawaii

I know this post was intended to go 'live' on Sunday, but I have been consumed with the "Divergent" trilogy. I am currently enthralled in the second book, "Insurgent," and really cannot put my Nook down! So my non-stop reading on top of too many hours of slumber have me slightly behind schedule.

Has anyone read this trilogy? I am nearly finished with "Insurgent;" not sure if I will read, "Allegiant." I  went ahead and read the Wiki review of book #3 and not so sure I even want to go down that route. I have been enjoying the first two books, but not so sure of the route for the third book. I am considering just waiting for the release of the third movie, some time in 2016, and then reading the last book. Who is with me?

And then let's not even discuss the fact that this post was in 'draft' form for a few days, and now is blank! I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly when I write posts on my I-pad, but I am ready to throw it in the lake for now not saving two very thorough posts.

With that being said, this will be more of a photo dump than a true synopsis of each of the days in Hawaii. I must also confess that I did not do the best with photo-taking while in Hawaii, and I have no true excuse!

Friday was a travel day for the wives, who flew separately, and the team! As I mentioned in my 13 Week Bump Update, my flight went pretty smooth thanks to the oils that Jill Fuss shared. 

We arrived around 4:00pm! I had all intentions of taking a little cat nap, then heading down to the hotel gym to wait on the team's arrival around 10pm whilst accomplishing a little sweat session. Welp, this body had other plans. I have no idea how I am able to recall my numerous nightly bathroom breaks, but have no recollections of silencing my alarm or phone conversations! So instead of hitting the gym at 7:00pm, as planned, I did not wake up until Coach entered our room. I was in complete disarray and disappointed that I missed my workout session!

Ohio MBB arrival at Honolulu Airport
With the plethora of sleep between Friday late afternoon and Saturday morning, it was hard to stay asleep. Around 2:00am, I rose for a bathroom visit, and then tried to sneak back into the bed but was completely famished! Uhm... when was the last time I consumed food is all I could wonder?!?

Then it dawned on me! Last night (Friday), the team received bagged dinners with two sandwiches, chips, cookies, and an apple. Ok, so maybe when the topic is about food, I too can remember this while sleeping, because I remembered there was a peanut butter & jelly sandwich that Coach Kemp had not eaten. He was going to throw it away, but I stopped him, mid sleep mind you, and stated that I would consume it the next day some time!


I crawl back out of bed, tip toe to his side of the bed where the plastic bag is and confiscate the PB&J sandwich. I sneak back over to my side, climb in, and enjoy the PB&J in bed with a huge smile on my face. I was about half-way finished with my prized sandwich when I hear Coach wrestle from his sleep.

Coach Kemp: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Eating the PB&J sandwich, duh!" (in a non-nonchalant tone)

Coach Kemp: "Go back to bed!"

Me: "I plan on it once this sandwich is in my B-E-L-L-Y!" (Smile!)

There you have it folks, my first glutenous, pregnant lady late night food story.... And the PB&J was scrumptious if I do not say so myself! And guess who dozed right back to sleep? You know it!

A few hours later, around 5:00am, I rose again, feeling quite rested and knowing no feast would lure me back to sleep so I decided to hit the hotel gym for a 3-hour gym session. Oh don't you fret, over an hour was spent riding the stationary bike reading "The Divergent."

After breakfast, the team headed to practice so I hit up the hotel pool so I could continue to be consumed by my book, "The Divergent."

Once the team returned, we headed to Hanauma Bay Beach Park for some snorkeling.

I really enjoy snorkeling even though I am not the biggest fan of the beach! Ha, I know that might sound peculiar given the fact that I grew up in Tampa, FL and frequented the beaches quite often. I don't know, maybe it is with age... I much prefer the pool over messing with sand!

This too was a different experience for Coach and I. In our two previous snorkeling experiences (Cayman Islands and Greece), we have been driven out to the middle of the sea and then "dropped off." It was quite convenient to be able to swim back to shore, rather than being in the middle of nowhere (sea)land.

After we returned from snorkeling, I took a little cat nap while Coach did some work. For dinner, myself and the other coaches wives dined at one of the hotel's restaurant's, Ocean House Restaurant.

Coach, myself and Annika Bailey, the team's Athletic Trainer, explored Diamond Head State Park before the team's breakfast! Absolutely breathtaking, and I am so glad we went early in the morning before it became too hot outside!

Upon return to the hotel, Annika and I realized that we still had quite a bit of time before breakfast so we trekked out for a nice walk along Waikiki Beach.

In all, we hiked and walked a little over 6 miles!

While the team practiced, I went to the pool and read... "The Divergent!" I know surprise, surprise (this will happen a few more times, lol!).

At night the team was invited to the ESPN Welcome Reception at Jimmy Buffet's.

The Wives
I seemed to have rose early almost every morning while in Hawaii. I was never able to adjust my internal clock, as I would be beyond exhausted by 9:00pm, and wide awake by 5:00am. Unfortunately, this did not allow me to really have much fun with Coach, and frequent any of the night life activities so that kind of stunk. I did, however, get in many early morning workouts in the hotel gym!

Monday was Game Day #1 verse George Washington University. This was our first loss of the Diamond Head Classic, but I can't be too disappointed given that GWU would later go on and win the tournament.

 What do you think of the guys shirts?

 Coach stayed after our game to watch some of the other teams play. Rather than stay in the frigid arena, I opted to return to our hotel and sit poolside and read my book!

Once he returned, he joined me poolside for a bit and then we headed our separate ways for dinner. On Monday, myself and some of the ladies made reservations at Roy's. We have a Roy's in Tampa that my parents dine at frequently, so I was assured that we would get good food! 

Game #2 was early Tuesday morning, but the outcome was much better than Game #1. I too came prepared with jeans rather than shorts, and all was well.

After the game I went for a glorious run (ok, jog these days) along Waikiki Beach while Coach got some more work done!
After that, we had a quick lunch at one of the pool side restaurants and just enjoyed the day.

Later that night, myself and some of the wives dined at Yard House. I had my first non-alcoholic beer which was ok. I did not even finish the whole thing. I am not a big beer drinker, so think I will simply stick to water.

Wednesday was a free day! Coach and I had high plans of visiting Pearl Harbor but to our dismay, tickets had been sold out for nearly two weeks! Instead we headed out to Monoa Falls Trail with Annika and Brian Seitz, the team's Strength & Conditioning Coach

Once we returned to the hotel, Coach set out on the beach to paddle board. I watched from afar and then drifted back into my book!

Later that night we headed to dinner at Hula Grill inside the Outrigger Reef on Waikiki. By this time on our trip, my stomach was beyond full with food consumption and not my regular workouts that I opted for a salad for dinner. Coach enjoyed his food and drinks!

Our final game was held on Thursday late morning. We played Nebraska which was an interesting match-up given that Saul & Tim are former NDSU head coaches. Coach Kemp and Coach Phillips too worked with Coach Miles while he was the head coach at NDSU, so there are many ties.

It was a good game, but our guys were unable to pull out a win!

After the game, Coach and I had lunch, walked around the various shops in the area and then sat by the pool before it was time for the team dinner and our final departure.

We took a red eye flight back to Phoenix so we arrived around 6:00am on Friday morning. We then returned to Columbus at around 4:00pm - safe and sound!


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