May 22, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 34

Yikes! This post is coming 2 days late! Today, I am 35 weeks! But, lets review week #34...

How Far Along:: 34
Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a butternut squash.

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks::

Sleep:: No major changes!

Fit Pregnancy:: Sticking to modified workouts, walking and eating healthy foods (minus my nightly fruit bar/ice cream indulgence). I have been eating the fruit bars during the week and saving the more indulgent, frozen desserts for the weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday, lol)!

Cravings::Last weekend we bought an ice cream maker! Totally Coach's idea, not mine! I am always a fan of cold treats, and now we have easy access. This past weekend Coach made a traditional vanilla ice cream with cookie crumbles. We will transition to healthier options - coconut & almond milk ice cream - here shortly, but it's always healthier when you know the specific ingredients of your food! I too should add that Coach made the ice cream with no additional sugar and only 4 ingredients (including the crushed organic cookies)! I am glad this purchase was made later in my pregnancy verse right away though :) 

How I will manage these creamy desserts postpartum is another problem that I will tackle later!

Symptoms::Does frequent urination count as a "symptom?" By golly it should because the amount of times I frequent the bathroom is beyond absurd.I too am having sharp pains in my bladder after I relieve myself. At my appointment yesterday, the doctor determined that Little Miss Kemp is very low and pressing against all my organs. After I relieve my bladder, organs are re-adjusting themselves and this is the cause for my pain.

Belly Button In or Out::Still mostly flat with a small, top portion out.

Movement:: This girl does NOT stay still!

Best Moment of the Week:: Saturday the basketball wives hosted a baby shower for myself and Annika, the MBB Athletic Trainer. It was a great time at the OU Inn!  

Looking Forward To::We start weekly visits now! Yes, a little earlier since I turn over on Fridays and my appointments are scheduled on Thursdays. We will have our 36 week US next week when I am still technically one day shy of being 36 weeks pregnant! This too means that this baby is coming very shortly! Where's my to-do list!?!

Michelyn Cynthia


  1. Any ice cream maker... impressive! My household would love that!

    1. Trying to stick with sorbets and not ice creams!