May 6, 2015

Bump Update: Week 32

How Far Along:: 32 weeks - we are 8 months pregnant!
Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a squash!

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks::
What are stretch marks, lol?

Sleep:: 9 hours is my new magic number! Sleeping deeply, with many potty breaks in between.

Fit Pregnancy::  Drinking my gallon of H20 daily, but should probably start journaling my daily eats. Maybe starting next week!

On Sunday I craved an orange pop so I got an individual Diet Sunkist, and it satisfied my sweet & orange craving.

Remember I kept mentioning Braxton Hicks? Well, they have decreased substantially. Sure, I get them occasionally, but they are not as strong as a few weeks ago. A tidbit to share with the OB at my next appointment. Hoping that truly means that my fears of pre-term labor are a thing of the past.

Belly Button In or Out::
Neither - it is staying flat!

She's doing well in there, moving away. Again, her movements have not been as painful as last week. Maybe there is more room!

Best Moment This Week:: Not sure if it is the "best" but Coach and I went to the hospital's prenatal class/hospital tour. Now, we had no true need to attend since we previously attended a Lamaze class and have been to the Labor & Delivery floor on two occasions. I am so glad that we previously took the Lamaze class because it was more thorough than the 4-hour hospital class, though it too was beneficial. After the class, Coach and I took Prince for a walk along the university trail and he proclaimed that he is ready for delivery, lol.

Looking Forward To:: Next OB appointment (Thursday), hair appointment on Saturday (which means we are going to Columbus), and packages arriving daily (my mother & BFF shared that a few boxes are on the way)!

Michelyn Cynthia


  1. Your are so smart taking your classes and hospital visits... I was "too busy," and I thought I was going to pass out during labor, lol

    1. I will report if any of the book and/or live classes are any help! Ha, lol