May 13, 2015

Bump Update: Week 33

How Far Along:: 33
Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a durian! (Yes, I put a link because who in the world has ever heard of a durian fruit!)

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks::

Sleep::Sleep is going wonderfully! The other morning Coach joyfully announced that I have started snoring. He's joyful because I am constantly complaining about his snoring. He now figures we both snore, so there should not be any problems. Oh, he is so wrong! I do acknowledge that I occasionally snore, in a very light & feminine fashion, when I am extremely tired or in a very deep sleep! My assessment concludes that I am getting a good night sleep at 8 months pregnant - winning!

Fit Pregnancy:: Did you check out my resistance band post from Monday, Squat it Out! That is just one of many home exercise programs that I have developed. I too hit the treadmill for my walks or take Prince out. Prince needs a major summer cut as he has been terribly hot! I have scheduled a grooming appointment for Saturday so hoping that helps. I too have been doing a better job with meal planning for lunch & dinner; now more energy needs to be focused on breakfast. There have been a few morning that I am so ravenous that the thought of scrambling eggs seems daunting, and I just go for a bowl of cereal with almond milk. No, this is not horrible, but I prefer to have eggs, fruit & Ezekiel bread because it's more balanced/nutritious.

I would not consider myself an avid coffee drinker, but I had been longing for a decaf iced coffee from Donkey Coffee, here in Athens! Coach brought me a 'cup of joe' for lunch yesterday and it hit the spot!

Feeling great!

Belly Button In or Out::
Flat with a little of the top portion sticking out. Haven't decided if that is cute or odd!

Every night I treat myself to a frozen fruit bar; its fair to say that Little Miss Kemp loves her sweets because she goes extra bananas after this treat!

Looking Forward To:: On Saturday, the basketball wives are throwing myself and our athletic trainer, Annika, a baby shower! We are both having girls, a few weeks apart! It should be fun to get together with all the wives.

Michelyn Cynthia