September 6, 2014

Workouts in Review Week 2: Run Like A Girl Half Marathon

Rest Day

Labor Day Workout with Coach Kemp!

1 Min On with 20 Secs Rest:
Alt Db Chest Press
Lat Rows
Bicep Curls
Weighted Step-Ups
Bicycle Sprint
(Above 4 times)

3 Miles

EMOM 4 mins every 15 secs
2 TNG Power Clean @ 45lb

16 Min Cap
5 laps (running)
40 wall to ball @ 14lb
20 clapping push-ups
(Above Twice)
5 laps (running)

My Performance: 16. 2 1/5 (knee push-ups)

3 Miles

"Open" WOD
For Time
20 Box Jumps
15 Duble Unders
10 Burpess
5 Kip Pull-Ups
(ABove 3 Times)

My Performance: 14.20
So glad I started woking on my double-unders because we had them in Thursday's WOD. I have lots of things to improve on, but it was nice to feel somewhat competent for the next day's WOD)


15 Mins
3-3-3-3 Deadlift

My Performance: 175! A PR. Well, everyday is personal record.

AMRAP Cap @ 12 Mins
10 Bd push-press
20 Walking lunges
40 Double-unders

My Performance: 2.30 (with 20lbs DB). I too was able to string 5 du's together a few times!

3 Miles

1 Min @ Each Station
Power Snatch
Rowing Machine
Tire Flips
Knees to Elbow

My Performance: Completed 134. I lost count a few times, so I think this was an undercount of my true performance.

"Open" WOD with Elizabeth (one of the OH Women's Soccer Coaches)

M&E Partner WOD
30 Cleans @ 65lbs
60 Kettle Bell Swings @26lbs
90 Rainbow @15lbs
1 Lap
(Above Twice)

Our Performance: Completed in 18.40

I really enjoyed my partner WOD with Elizabeth who is also kind of new to CF. She is a former professional and collegiate soccer player, so her level of athletic ability outweighs mine. It is still fun to have a workout partner, and someone to remind you to take it easy with running + crossfit endeavors!

Indeed my running has not been stellar. I did 8 miles today (Sunday), so that will be accounted for in Week 3 diary. I have no goals for the half in October. I expect it will be a pretty dismal performance, and I am ok with that. Sometimes, you just got to get out there and Go!


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