September 4, 2014

Blog Facelift Edition 2.0

Back in May of 2012, this blog saw it's first facelift which included a name change from Brains & Beauty to it's current name. Well, here we are in 2014, and another facelift has arisen.

May 2012 - August 2014
I am pretty pleased with my facelift, and so happy that Coach Kemp put in the hours to make my vision a reality! Coach Kemp has spent many years developing recruiting materials, and is a self-taught Adobe PhotoShop Genius!

What are your thoughts?

Overall, I felt like the blog was a little too youthful with so much lavender and the polka dots; and figured a white background would mature it overall. Coach Kemp also would not hear my thoughts of ridding the caricature. He may be more attached than I, lol.

Do you see any new additions? Yes, that is Prince sitting on the stack of books vying for some love and attention - which he is obviously lacking.

Go Bobcats!


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  1. Yes I agree that this looks more mature and professional I like the new look Great Job.