March 17, 2015

Becoming A Calm Mom: Strategy #3

We are at midway point in the calm mom strategies. Today's strategy is one that I need much practice with in my everyday life.

Now, I am good at communicating and delivering a specific message for the most part. In contrast, if one finds me tired, agitated, or the recipient is not seeming to be hearing (aka agreeing) with my stance; then we do have problems with my ability at being an effective communicator. Who is with me?

Becoming  A Calm Communicator
Avoid being a passive or aggressive communicator:
·         Passive communication: Passive communicators try hard to appease others, but their own needs are not met
·         Aggressive communicators: Aggressive communicators look out for themselves, but they neglect the needs and feelings of others.

Be a Calm Communicator by using Assertive Communication:
·         Assertive communicators have their own needs met and look out for the needs and feelings of others.

To Be A Calm Communicator:
·         Consider the other person’s perspective.
·         Voice your own perspective.
·         Tell the other person what you need.
·         Offer a solution that might be equally acceptable to both parties.

Ledley, D.R. (2009). Becoming a calm mom: How to manage stress and enjoy the first year of motherhood. Washington, DC. American Psychological Association.

Question of the Day: Are you a passive, aggressive, or assertive communicator?

Michelyn Cynthia

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