March 24, 2015

On Being A Calm Mom: Strategy #4

Out of all of the strategies outlined by Dr. Ledley this next strategy is one that I REALLY struggle with. I can be so indecisive at times and, of course, this occurs when I need to make pretty big decisions. Small, irrelevant decisions don't cause me much distress, but a decision that has a long-term impact or large ramification can cause me much turmoil.

I really like the strategy and tool that is outlined in the book for making decisions, especially since Dr. Ledley encourages you to develop several, possible solutions.

The Calm Mom Approach to making decisions involves six steps:
  1. Define the problem and set a goal.
  2. Brainstorm at least five possible solutions.
  3.  Consider the pros and cons of each solution.
  4. Select one solution or a combination of solutions.
  5. Make a plan to implement the solution.
  6. After giving the solution a chance, evaluate whether or not it is working.
And here is a handy worksheet that can be used to work through the six steps, outlined above.
Michelyn Cynthia

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