March 4, 2015

Bump Watch: Week 23

How Far Along:: 23 weeks

Size of Baby:: Little Miss Kemp is the size of a large mango!

Gender:: Girl!

Stretch Marks::Whenever my stomach feels dry, I apply lotion. Not sure if this will help, but in my mind it will! Also, drinking lots of water and eating fruits and vegetables!

Sleep::We're back on the snooze-mobile! On Saturday, I assisted my gym with the 2015 CrossFit Open; acting as a judge and cheerleader. After the last heat, I went to the grocery store and then home. I quickly made my way upstairs to our bed and was passed out for 4hours! I guess cheering and judging wore me out! I got a little more done on Sunday, but it surely felt glorious to snooze!

Do you spot me? Hint - I am wearing green!

Exercise:: A newly announced pregnant friend of mine sent me an inquiry about pregnancy fitness-related blogs and resources. Quickly, I sent her over a few of my favorite bloggers, but too am hoping to write-up a whole blog post about this topic. Not so much my recommendations, I am not a certified personal trainer or doctor, but various resources that I have found helpful.

I must also say that I have been very lucky to find Jolene since she has a wealth of knowledge in this area. I rely heavily on her for all my pregnancy-related CrossFit accommodations!

Cravings::Not really! The So Delicious Coconut Milk Frozen Desserts were on sale at Kroger this weekend, normally priced between $7-8, and on sale for about $3.50/pint. I bought three pints and am not impressed. I tried the Cookie Dough flavor, although sweet and cold, not really all that great! I do plan to finish the pint (smile) but will not be making another purchase in the future. I got Coach Vanilla and Mint Chip which he has enjoyed.

Thinking I will just stick to my melted chocolate + peanut butter concoction!Didn't I just say last week that I would stop buying chocolate ship morsels, lol.

Miss Anything::Nope

Symptoms:: Back aches

Belly Button In or Out::In

Movement:: Lots of movement after I eat a meal!

Best Moment of the Week::This a best/worst moment... On Tuesday, I went to the dentist! This is actually the best part of the week, ha! I LOVE having my teeth professionally cleaned. Honestly, with my whole love for the dental hygienist you'd think I would do a better job at flossing. Well, they reported that my gums were inflamed (aka pregnancy gingivitis). Just took a look at some of the pictures of those with pregnancy gingivitis, roughly 40% of women fall victim, and I do not think I had a terrible case of it. Yikes, the dental hygienist and dentist scared the living day lights out of me during my visit - talking about the risks, such as low birth weight, premature birth, etc. Now, I am on a whole new level of fear after looking at those pictures! I am partially to blame because I am not a consistent member of the "flossing club." The dental hygienist noted that she could tell the exterior and surface of my teeth were well taken for, but that I am not doing a good job flossing. I was reminded 6 months ago, when I was there last, to work on my flossing so I curled my tail between my legs and walked out!

To end on a good note, I was asked to return in another 3 months for a follow-up cleaning!  

Looking Forward To::Spring Break and spring-like weather!

Michelyn Cynthia

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