March 15, 2015

Meal Planning: Week 4

Good morning BBB Readers! Well, yesterday was day #1 of our Lamaze class, and we head out again for a long-day of learning. Before heading out the door, I wanted to share our meal plan for the week. I plan to frequent the grocery store immediately after our class comes to an end!

I have another repeat from last week since the dinner meal was never prepared! I know, what! Well, being married to a coach always means having last minute obligations or changes in plans. Don't you remember Lisa from Uncommon Wife Life stating that in her A-Game Attire feature! Well, she is surely correct!

On Friday, a sporadic date night commenced! Easy there! We went to BuyBuyBaby, J. Alexander's, and then a high school basketball game! Very romantic right! Ha! We arrived right at tip-off. When arriving at the gym I, of course, needed to use the lady's room. Coach exclaimed: "Hurry! Or, we won't get seats!" I simply looked down at my burgeoning baby bump and said: "I will be getting a seat!" LoL

Coach is very particular about fresh selections of meats and fish, so I had not even purchased the steaks that were slated for Friday night! For this week, I will use the potatoes that I had planned for us to eat on Friday for a different dinner.

Oh, and before I get into this week's menu! The Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips were the #DaBombDiggity! Oh man, so so delicious! I actually consumed them on Wednesday and Thursday since Coach went out recruiting on Thursday!

After making the recipe, I too realized that it, as outlined, is neither gluten-free or paleo! Sorry! To make the recipe gluten-free, you may utilize gluten-free flour! We used whole wheat flour, and they were scrumptious. And I guess if one used coconut flour, it could be considered paleo. I too must share that we did not make the dipping sauce, so I can't provide a review of that, but the chicken strips - hmm hmm delicious!

Paleo Pumpkin Bread, Veggie Omelet & Bacon

Turkey Mash w/ Spinach Salad

Yogurt w/ Gluten-free Pretzels 
Apple & Peanut Butter

Sunday:Fiesta Pork Chops w/ Roasted Corn

Monday: Savory Chicken Casserole 

Tuesday: Paleo Asian Meatballs & Quinoa

Wednesday & Thursday: Paleo Chicken Curry

Friday:Pecan Paprika Tilapia with Brussels Sprouts

Saturday: Bunless Hamburgers & Home-made Fries

Michelyn Cynthia

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