November 21, 2014

A-Game Attire with Restless Arrow

Hey y’all! I am so thankful for Michelyn for having me today! She may be regretting this once she realizes I’m truly no help at all because I don’t buy name brand so most of the clothes I have on in the following pictures are just lucky finds (or borrowed from my mom…oops!)!

As a coach’s wife, it’s fun to dress in his team colors! Not only does it give me a chance to be a little bit creative but the possibilities are endless…say if I just want to wear a t-shirt that day, then a team shirt it is and I can call it a day! But, if there’s a big game or I’m coming straight from work then I need something a little more dressy, or trendy. I also love to dress my boys in Coach’s team colors! I wish I had a picture but they were still at daycare when I snapped these! (If you're interested in how the Coach and I met, you can read our little love story...we actually met the first day of kindergarten!).

 I’m not sure if Michelyn knew this or not, but I actually used to be a coach! I used to coach cheerleading and our colors were black and gold, and let me just tell you, black is SO easy to find! Now, red and navy? Not so much! But we LOVE our little small town. Russ is actually coaching at the high school where we graduated so it makes this job extra special! We have a total of three red lights in our town but we wouldn't change a thing about the close knit community. We know people or know their families and we can always make a connection somehow. As teachers, we are both teaching in places we went to school! Russ and I actually coached and taught in a previous district before we came back home so it was fun to be able to work together, ride to school together, and learn from those coaching experiences. Now, I am truly convinced this has helped shape me as a coach's wife. I understand the demands because I lived it first hand. If I could offer any advice, it would be to be supportive no matter what...and don't ask a lot of questions if they lose. :)

Now, for what I wear! Thankfully, several weeks ago, I found a red shirt for $5 at the Dollar General of all places! My goal was to use five ways so that you see you don't have to spend big bucks to have the look you're going for!

First,I used it as a bigger shirt with leggings and boots plus a scarf my mom gave me last year. Outfit1 Next, I threw it on with some jeans, my mom's crochet vest, and some knee high boots!! Outfit2 Keeping with the comfortable look of jeans, I just took the vest off and threw on my very favorite Goodwill find--cowboy boots for $6.25! (I tied the shirt up in the back so it gave a different look.) Outfit3
 I was excited next for my favorite white jeans from Old Navy that I got for $8 two years ago! I paired it with my cowboy boots and a Forever 21 denim shirt ($3.99 at Goodwill!). Outfit4 Finally, I just took off the denim and put on a lace vest (my mom’s) to give it a more feminine look!

Five easy outfits all from one five dollar shirt! ( accessories are from my ALL TIME favorite...Noonday Collection! These are handcrafted paper beads that help these women provide for their families. My brown wrap bracelet is from Food for the Hungry! (I know these organizations would be so grateful for your support!)

Thank you, again, Michelyn, for having me! You can check out more of my budget friendly purchases (mostly from thrift stores!) on my blog, Restless Arrow!

If you are interested in appearing in an "A-Game Attire" guest post, please contact me to get additional information. 

Amber was the first blogger/coach's wife to approach me about this feature, and I just love how she showcased 5 separate outfits! Whenever I buy clothes, I try to purchase versatile items that can be worn several times and several ways. Well, Amber has shown me up on my abilities. And please, please head on over to her blog! She has the most practical, yet beautiful thrifted Thanksgiving tablescape on her blog now! And, do not even get me started on her recent kitchen renovation which was so budget-friendly ($5000) but you would never guess it from the final reveal! I have read that post several times in pure amazement!



  1. Thank you so much for having me, Michelyn!! It was fun to do my first real fashion post! Thank you, too, for your kind words!!

    1. It was my pleasure!!! And thank you for turning me on to some new sources for accessories! I love that you are giving back, but also getting some fun jewelry in the process - win win!

  2. What a great post! I am always impressed with Amber (inside and out) and love that she shows us HOW to piece together things like this. Sometimes it is just that I need a little help... visual learner :) Thanks to you Amber for this post and for another great blog to follow!!

    1. Jennie, although I have never met Amber I imagine that she is pretty awesome! I was so excited when I opened my email to find 5 looks with just one main staple shirt! And the fact that everything she is wearing is so affordable! I love TJ Maxx, Target, and other discount stores because who can afford to pay the $$$ for high-end duds all the time!!!!

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    1. And we did meet..haha! At Sweetheart in Illinois so many years ago! :) Go Cornjerkers!

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