November 26, 2014

That Was A Close One - Bobcats vs Golden Lions

This post is coming a little later in the day then I typically prefer. Coach Kemp assists me with embedding my A-Game Attire emblem on each of my photos. Today, he had practice and then I asked him to complete a last-minute grocery store visit, and well we know how those lines are this time of the year!

Well, last night's game was a little more agonizing than anyone in the Convo expected! You know, sometimes teams under-estimate their opponents and it ends up biting them in their rear! In my humble, non-basketball knowing opinion, this was the problem with our game verse University Arkansas-Pine Bluff. 

Sure, we won so I am not completely complaining. Contrarily, I am simply making an observation; one that Coach Kemp will certainly give me a stern side-eye later for making, but you know I am pretty opinionated! He even shared this fact in his recent College Chalktalk article about "Family!"

Oh, and these are shorts, not a skirt! Too cute, right?!?! I too wore these shorts at one of the first football games of the season.  

 Final Score: 69-60

Interested in the statistics for the entire game? Head on over to the Ohio Athletics website to view the UAPB vs Ohio Box score.
Sweater: Limited (Old), Similar
Shorts: BB Dakota Axwell Short via ShopBop (Purchased in Summer). Now at Nordstrom Rack
Tights:No Nonsense
Necklace: Wal-Mart
Shoes: DSW (Old), Similar
Purse: Coach Madison Leather Convertible Hobo (Old)

I try to provide direct links to all products. When unsure, or if can't be found online, I simply provide the original source. 


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