November 15, 2014

Now They Count:: Ohio vs Appalachian State

Well folks, it appears the MBB has officially, officially started. No more secret scrimmages, exhibition games, or two-a-days left for the Ohio Bobcat Basketball team. 

And guess who is excited?

This lady!!! (Insert happy dance)

The temperature is beginning to drop, which does not excite this lady one bit. But, we've got basketball games to win so carry on which also means I am on the search for an alternative photo shoot location besides my front door! I know, serious problems we face over here at BBB. 

Final Score: 73-47

Interested in the statistics for the entire game? Head on over to the Ohio Athletics website to view the Appalachian vs Ohio Box score.

Shirt: College Bookstore
Bottom:Old Navy Pixie Ankle Pants
Heels: Zara England (Gifted)
Purse: Dior
Accessories: Gifted


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