November 15, 2014

Weekly Round-up IV

Happy Saturday BBB followers! I did my grocery shopping yesterday, Friday, so there was no Athens Farmers Market trip today! I know, huge bummer, but it has been nice lounging around the house instead of my typical Saturday morning routine - CrossFit SEO, Athens Farmer Market, and then Kroger. 

Maybe next Saturday....

Filet with Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions, Steamed Broccoli and Carrots & a Loaded Baked Potato

That meal was Oh So Delicios!!!! I was never a huge meat eater, but Coach Kemp likes red meat, white meat, and well just any kind of meat. I got him a huge rib-eye, and got myself a smaller fillet which was the perfect portion for myself. Honestly, cooking healthy, quality foods really beats going out to eat sometimes. Ir, maybe this meal was so good since I did not cook a thing; thanks Coach!

Coach Kemp Turkey Burgers & Red Pepper & Parmesan French Fries  
We made these same french fries during the Weekly Round-up II series, but this time we baked the french fries, instead of frying them. And guess what?!? I like them baked, rather than fried! Coach Kemp was not too pleased to hear this news, as I explained I never want them fried AGAIN. Healthy Win!

Chicken Apple Butternut Squash (But with Sweet Potato, Instead)
So what had happened was.... Yes, I had intentions of preparing this meal as outlined in the recipe, but then I got busy and accidentally burned the squash! (I like to think I can multitask, but every once in a while, I am shown otherwise!) Well, I always have extra sweet potatoes on hand, so I figured that could do. Coach Kemp reports that he liked the dish with the sweet potato, and was happy with the change as he wasn't certain if he'd like the dish if it was in a butternut squash! Second win for ME!

Asian Style Chicken w/ Rice
The trash has been placed at the curb, sorry not recollecting the sauce name. Maybe next time :)

Easy Taco Pie
Uhm, this dish is so yummy!!!! And pretty darn easy! Highly recommend this dish for families on the go!

Egg Omelet, Bacon & Garlic Rosemary Sweet Potatoes
So yea, as you can see we like some sweet potatoes at Team Kemp residence!

Baked Sweet Potato Hash with Sweet Potatoes AND Garlic Rosemary Sweet Potatoes (same as above)
Feel free to follow my Whole 30/Paleo Pinterest board for all of these recipes and so many more!

Weekly Workouts: November 9-15

6 Miles

Power snatch 2-2-2-2
My performance:: 75 lbs

Power Snatch
Toes-to-Bar (TTB)
My Performance:: 9:51 (TTA)
My Performance:: 4+ 51.5

Deadlift 5-4-3-3-2-1
My Performance :: 195 lbs
Ring Rows
KB Swings
Wall Balls
DB Snatch
My Performance :: 169

 5 Miles

Vertical Jump
My Performance:: 14 inches

Back Squat 2-2-2-2-2
My Performance :: 145lbs

My Performance :: Absolutely Awful!

Rest Day
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Question of the Day: Do you prefer dining out or making fine cuisines at home?

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